Base Camp Coffee



We micro roast sustainably sourced, traceable, high quality, single origin coffee on site at our Steep Hill Coffee House here in Lincoln.

We try to be as transparent as possible with everything we do here at Base Camp, only buying in coffees where a premium above the cost of production has been paid to the farmers, who are often in regions who need it most. Though doing this we aim to be part of a coffee chain that delivers the best possible coffee while sustainably supporting everyone in that chain, from the farmer, to exporter, roaster, barista and ultimately you the consumer. Meaning every cup of coffee you buy from us is part of and supports people and economies all over the world.

We collaborate with other cafes and roasters all over the UK and beyond, sharing information, coffee and ideas. As a collective we push and help one another to constantly improve both ourselves and the Industry as a whole, everywhere from working with farmers to achieve better quality crops (and a better price for those crops), brewing that perfect espresso or generating more transferable skills and opportunities for baristas in the industry. We want to help make and sustain a great future for coffee as a whole, one cup at a time.